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Wezart Is an Online Marketplace for South African Contemporary Art

We have committed ourselves to the artist. Because, “The artist committing himself to his calling has volunteered for hell, whether he knows it or not. He will be dining for the duration on a diet of isolation, rejection, self-doubt, despair, ridicule, contempt, and humiliation.”
We believe in giving the artist power to sell his artwork and gain from it. Our duty is to allow the inspired Madman within you, the artist from your core to blossom and profit from his work.

Where To Begin

Start by going to our website and select the Latest Artwork to begin browsing our art

You can look for any art that you may find interesting and begin by selecting the ADD TO BASKET button to make the purchase.
Once the purchase is made, a courier is sent to the location of the Artist to collect the artwork and ship to your address or selected drop of point. You then verify that the product delivered is the product your ordered and the process is completed.

If you wish to sell, press the Create Store and Register to Sell button.

You will then be required to select I am a seller. Once selected you will have to fill in the relevant details needed by the platform, such as your Email Address, Password, Names, Shop Name, and phone number
Upon filling these details you will then be directed to your Dashboard.

Create a Store

Artist Dashboard

Once you have created your store, you gain access to your dashboard

The Dashboard allows you to edit your account profile, change your passwords, add Artwork pictures, see how many sales you’ve made, edit your Store and monitor your entire inventory.
This dashboard is design to let the you turn their craft into a measurable business.

You can add your artwork pictures, onto the platform

You can add your artwork on the platform by clicking the ADD PRODUCT button. If you have a digital art, you can then upload a feature image.
You can then add your price, inventory stock, category, product description, Product name. If you have a digital artwork, You may add it by clicking the downloadable product tab.
Wezart only takes 20% commission upon sale. For more information, look at our Terms and Conditions

Add Artwork

The Product Sale

Once you have added your artwork, collectors can see the Art

Each Artwork can be seen, and reviewed by collectors. The Artist store details can be seen along with all your other artwork.
An add to basket button is also available to collectors who wish to buy and an add the artwork to their wishlist button is available to each collectors.

The collectors can checkout or add More artwork.

The Collector can add an item to their basket on the platform by clicking the ADD TO BASKET button. If the artwork is digital art, once they have added the artwork, they get a link to download it. 
They then add their details, such as shipping addess, location and banking details. Once they have added their details, they are forwarded to a payfast payment gateway to complete the transaction.
Delivery is coodinated by us, with the help of the artist.
Wezart only takes 20% commission upon sale. After the transaction is complete, we get a notification.

Collector Checkout