Frequently asked questions

You can sell: African Contemporary Art created by you, in South Africa. Items that meet the previous condition but were made by someone else, so long as you have their express permission. Art in all shapes and sizes.

You Store and Package. This is your Store. Wezart will never warehouse your things. When someone buys something from you, you’ll get to package it up in your own branding and then choose between wezart delivering your product to your customer or you ship it using whichever shipping method you’ve chosen.

We do payouts every Monday directly into your bank account, for orders made up until midnight on the previous Saturday

Indeed. Currently only stores in South Africa are supported. You yourself don’t have to be South African though we welcome all nationalities living within South Africa.

There are many benefits to opening a Wezart store. Your store can happily co-exist with your online store. By selling on Wezart you get a bite out of our extensive customer base nationwide, and our vast marketing reach. Additionally, its very common for Wezart sellers to be featured in the media after being spotted on Wezart’s website or through its marketing. And then there’s the Marketing package, where you can get extensive marketing and brand awareness through Wezart’s marketing campaigns.