Wezart is calling for South African Artists to create a Gallery for their Artwork on the Online Marketplace. Wezart, is an African Arts Marketplace and will be officially relaunching and open for business on the 10th of September 2018. Applications are now open for all Fine Arts visual artists to apply online. Don’t delay! https://www.wezart.co.za/home/price/

Wezart aims to help Artists sell their artwork online by bringing their new Age Identity of African Artwork to the world. Artists are able to create an online gallery, add images of their artwork and the amount it will cost. Wezart markets their artwork and invites collectors through exhibitions and online auctions to view the artwork and make a purchase online. Artists must take great care to maintain a high quality and work. Crafters should offer hand-made products

Online applications for visual artists are open on https://www.wezart.co.za. Once a Gallery has been created and all Artworks are approved, Visual artists can select the type of Artwork they post. All details are on the website. Artists can direct their international collectors to purchase directly from their gallery. Artists also have the option of renting their artwork to collectors.

The Wezart team has been hard at work redesigning the business of Wezart and on the 10th of September, we are ReLaunching as an African Art Marketplace that focuses on Fine Arts and visual artists.


Why are we doing this? Because Wezart was conceptualised and created to help visual artists make a living from their artwork. In a society that does not recognize them as professionals and an Industry that exploits and dictates their creativity.


So what has changed?

  1. Wezart now focused purely on Fine African Art.
  2. Wezart has added Artwork services to their offering to help artists who live on commissioned work.
  3. Wezart has increased their commission from 10% to 20%, this helps us better serve our artists, Better market their Artwork and Allows us to grow and partner with other organizations.
  4. Wezart has redesigned their website, adding key functions, like the ability to switch currencies from Rands to Dollars. This helps us serve our South African collectors as well as international collectors.
  5. Wezart’s Logo has changed, our identity is important to us and we realised that even our logo has to represent Africa.
  6. Wezart is more experienced. We have learnt from our mistakes and now know how to serve the artists that put their trust and Artwork in our hands.

Artists must not hesitate to add more artwork on their Gallery/Shop, as, the more of your artwork is on your gallery, the better chances that our collectors will purchase it.

For more info visit http://www.wezart.co.za/ or like the Facebook page, “Wezart Marketplace” Follow us on Twitter @wezartmarket, Instagram @wezart_za.

All enquiries on 081 897 0870

Arts: sihle@wezart.co.za

General: hello@wezart.co.za;